Shift Happens

It wasn’t so long ago, a very massive, life-altering, never-look-back type of transformation happened for me. I’m talking about a paradigm shift, folks. You know, the kind that either you’ve been through yourself and wake up jubilant daily? Or the kind you have heard about happening, but has always struck you as mythic? That’s the one…Satori.

Like so many others, I’ve spent most of my life seeking happiness with a kind of dedication and deliberation that, it seems, should have found me here, enlightened, much sooner. Countless forty-five minute hours, years of angst to fill my artfolio (grateful for that), and more peaks and valleys than the Poconos – I was still completely at a loss upon my 33rd birthday as to HOW to find happiness. Furthermore, I’d begun to feel settling for contentedness was my birthright and not “the pursuit of Happiness” as promised by Thomas Jefferson (great copywriter that he was). Disillusioned and, at times, depressed, well-intended loved ones would say:

“You just need to change your perspective, Tara. It’s that simple.”

To which I would reply (in my head, of course), in a mocking, half-derelict, super-snarky tone, “It’s just that simple, meh. Go fuck yourself.”

Turns out, all those well-intended mother-shifters were right. It actually is simple to change your perspective, adjust your attitude – and experience the paradigm shift. But anyone who tells you it’s easy, is definitely full of it. It requires a willingness to step out of your comfort-zone, whatever that looks and feels like. And lets face it – if you aren’t happy and want your life different, that’s the first thing you need to do: the opposite of what you feel like doing. Happiness is counterintuitive in our society of romantic comedies, “keeping up with the Jones'”, rampant consumerism in a depressed economy…for my generation, Generation X, “Happiness” is a confusing and oftentimes, staggeringly elusive notion.

My blog will begin as an intentional, committed focus to relate my own epiphanies, successes and slip-ups, as well as share any, and ALL relevant and useful information so that SHIFT HAPPENS for you as well. It’s amazing when it does. It’s a game-changer. Mine started with a Gratitude List. I’ll be discussing that tomorrow…if you’re in process – please do tell – how has/is your shift happening?

Much Love,


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  1. I can’t wait to continue reading your blog and to be part of your journey. Wishing you so much success in your new business!

  2. You write very well. I am looking forward to your future posts 🙂
    I am also going through a shift in my own consciousness. I posted on LL about a Pluto transit to my Sun that has finally brought a lot of problems to a head. I am going through the process of ending an 8-year long drug addiction and a 25-year long (I am 25, lol) battle between myself and my weight/body image. Time to change. Change is not is a painful experience.

    • Pluto transiting the Sun…oofta. That’s rough. Let me know if I can help you. Email me. Shifting perspective is powerful. Much love, Tara

  3. How wonderful Tara … your write beautifully!
    I too have been on a journey (especially in the last 12 months) desperately searching for my life’s purpose … looking for the easy path … the one that should just fall into my lap and had also stopped believing in myself. Thanks to some much needed clarity (from your dear self) I have realised that what I have been searching for all along … is here within me … what I already have. It is now time to put my head down and stay focused … and above all surrender to my higher power and ENJOY the process and not worry so much about the outcome. To be honest the relief of this is amazing.
    Look forward to following you on your journey …

    • Thank you so much Amanda! It’s a pleasure to see your latest jewelry – I can feel you’re putting your heart and soul into it. Love knowing you’re reading along. Love even more knowing you are “getting it” and believing in your value. Brava!

    • Thauna –
      That is absolutely beautiful! I’ll be writing next about how powerful a gratitude list can be to shift perspective – as well as affirmations. Lady, are you reading my notes? Ha!

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