Full Moon in Leo – A Time for Sharing

Tomorrow, January 26th at 8:38pm PST, the moon reaches is fullness, that big-bellied Moon will shine upon us, luminous and bright with the intensity of Leo. How I enjoy a Full Moon in Leo! All Full Moons are opposite the sign the Sun is in at the time – in this case, the Sun is in the first decanate of Aquarius. As the Moon represents our emotions, our internal processes, and instincts; and the Sun represents our essential self and the manner through which we experience our world – when these two are in opposition – it is a time for reflection on what has been happening, particularly with an eye to that New Moon period.


Leo is all about outward expression – it’s dramatic, fun, regal, loving, creative – Leo is the Sun. So, in the day before this gorgeous Full Moon (which I highly anticipate to be nothing short of a rocking good time!) – I thought I’d share with you my New Moon Intentions and briefly, some of the ways in which they’ve manifested:

  • Welcome opportunities from all sources to be of further service within my business as an Intuitive. When I set this intention, I didn’t have from my heart that I would make tons of money or grow my client-base. This, for me, meant that I would receive opportunities to develop myself personally, spiritually, and intuitively – such that when I do meet with my clients the level of healing and information they receive is even more evolved, intensified, and powerful than it has been. That has absolutely occurred. In all areas of my life, I’ve learned to address personal blocks, stories, and develop my spiritual understanding. The sessions this month with clients have, frankly, blown MY mind!
  • Welcome and seize boldly opportunities to have the lifestyle and realize my dreams. What a month! I haven’t felt bold everyday – that’s for certain. Yet, even in my timid moments, I continue to pursue my dreams by overcoming the timidity and, as a dear friend reminded me, “Fortune favors the Bold!”. Indeed. (I’ve got a massive grin across my face just thinking of this entire process and where I find myself today).
  • Keeping my heart open to love in all of its glorious forms. And here, a day before the Full Moon, despite the trials and tribulations in my life throughout this month – I have learned, and re-learned so many of the ways in which I keep my heart open wide. I am incredibly grateful for every joyous moment and every challenging moment – they’ve all brought me full circle to a place of absolute authenticity, compassion, and commitment to myself and integrity to others.
  • Any, and all assistance to heal and evolve into a more compassionate, patient, affectionate mother, friend, lover, neighbor, acquaintance. This one right here…WOW. It’s amazing to set intentions that are welcoming of opportunities, they will come. Something remarkable happens when, with humility, not judgment, we acknowledge how we want to evolve and ask for assistance in any form. I’ve received so much assistance from all sources – from neighbors, friends, family, clients, mentors, and the Divine.

Those are but a few – I share them with you because, it’s the Full Moon in Leo – I’m overjoyed and unguarded! More importantly though, I share them with you in the hopes you may understand just HOW effective and efficient setting intentions is. And aligned with the Lunar Cycle – and with awareness – welcome finally immense gratitude that you’ve received everything you asked for as you are indeed, a powerful creator!

Let me know how your experience has been – your comments and feedback really do lift me up (as well as compel me to write even more!)

So much love,


4 responses

  1. This is beautiful and luminous. Thank you for sharing. This helps me to affirm things that I am doing in my own life. I appreciate you being another little piece to that puzzle 😉


    • Shaheen – what a beautiful comment to receive! So happy to be part of your process as you often are for me.

      Thank you,

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