Finding Intuition

Intuition is one of those gifts that all sentient beings share: humans, animals, dare I say plants and trees? I do, friends, I do. Spend enough time in the great outdoors, and you become connected to everything, breathing in the pulse and rhythm of the land, air, and water around you, underfoot. It is a simple way to become grounded, rooted to a greater sense of purpose, while simultaneously so relaxed and at ease that the mind-chatter begins to quiet until you no longer have a thought. You are a living, breathing, connected being – and you are more aware than at most times of your environment within and without. The key difference, is that your ego has left the building, taken a hiatus, a nap at worst – a sabbatical at best; and you have come to realize that Descartes had it all wrong when he went on about, “I think, therefore I am”.

Many adults forget the vivid details of their childhoods, those Technicolor fantasies of newly created worlds and kingdoms made with each time at play; only to be altered and improved again the next time. Perhaps it is my own deep connection to my childhood, to the trees I spent my formative years playing in and the wilds I ran through, that has helped me retain my own colorful imagination. If you have lost your own sense of imagination, or are a “grown-up” I strongly encourage you to spend time with a child in your family playing a game with no rules *gasp* just. for. fun. If you haven’t any children in your life yet, then get yourself a bicycle and cruise – don’t just commute. Get a hula hoop and go for it baby! Dance like a jive turkey because it’s a riot and laughter is great for the soul. Break out some art supplies and get messy, not pretty.

Intuition is intrinsically tied to our imaginations – which is why children, with their expansive, finely tuned imaginations, so often have a sixth sense about things. The trick with intuition, in any of its forms (clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, etc.), is that it feels┬ájust like imagination. Trusting yourself and being completely receptive is key. With all forms of intuition, there’s a five-second rule (ya know, just like the rule applicable to food falling on the ground?); you’ve got 5 seconds to receive and let go of the information before your intellect starts to analyze it and make a mess of it.

So what are you waiting for, star-dust? Have some fun, play with the world, and start imagining more. Your intuition will thank you (not to mention your peace of mind). Added bonus: your confidence will grow and trusting your self, listening to your inner wisdom – it all comes that much easier.