Glorious Reviews

GoldDust Woman

“Tara is very insightful!! My experience with her was both enlightening and affirmative. She is kind and caring and very easy to communicate with. I’m so glad that I followed my gut and got a reading. I whole-heartedly recommend her and can’t wait for my next session.” Thauna, Client

“I just received my reading from Tara… WOW … Her reading was incredibly insightful: she was able to unravel exactly what I was wanting to know. Her voice is so calming and soothing, listening to her is like listening to a great friend. Don’t walk … RUN and book a session with her while you can!  This was the best money I have spent in a long time … She is truly an Earth Angel.” Amanda, Client and Designer

“Wow. By far, one of the most accurate readings I have received. Your Tarot insights are invaluable; and this reading has helped me to calm the chaos in my mind.”  May*, Client

“Thank you very much!! I actually had an interview today to be an enrollment counselor at a University. This morning I was not going to go, thinking why should I, I always end up unhappy. But then I read your card reading for me and I got really encouraged and motivated! I have to say that I think i did really well and feel I will actually love this position. Thank you for such an in-depth reading that pushed me out of my comfort zone!!”, Cher*, Client

“I have always known Tara as the most sincere kind of ass kicker – she manages to tap a deep and genuine vein of common wisdom while she is making sure you do what you have to do.” Obi Kaufmann, Painter and Creative Projects Coordinator for

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