Services & Rates

  • Intuitive Readings:


$50/Half Hour

4-Pack: $300 for  4 Hour Readings to be used within a year

In as little as an hour or half hour, an Intuitive Reading gives you the answers and guidance you are looking for. Guidance on any matter, including:

  • how to jump-start your business or career
  • what’s going on with your relationship or lack of one
  • how to feel healthier/happier

All of these answers are easily accessed, as well as any other questions you may or may not know you have. These are my personal favorite type of readings to assist my clients, because every gift available to me can and will come through. Intuitive Readings are always conducted via telephone or Skype (without distracting video mode) for my clients in other time zones.

  • Tarot:


As a reader, I approach working with the Tarot such that it is a gift for reflecting to us how empowered we are to influence our relationships, dreams and aspirations, as well as shed light on our blind spots. With this perspective, my readings, while they can capture some elements of future outcomes based on your present trajectory – remain focused on where in your life, with respect to your question, you can gain insight that empowers you to evolve and achieve your desired outcome.

My readings are always accurate, intentional, and revealing – you will understand yourself and your situation from a completely new perspective. I work with my clients to ensure that their questions are framed specifically to meet their desires, as with Tarot and other divination tools – it is in the asking – so specificity is the difference between a resonant reading and a reading that doesn’t jive.


    Up to Five Cards: $35   This reading is perfect for guidance on a specific situation, or general area of your life.

5 x 5 Pack: $150 for Five x Five Card Readings can be used anytime within a year.

  • Up to Twelve Cards: $75  This reading is great for an annual overview, or can be used to drill-down on a quarter, for specific areas of their lives (family, career, love, outcome) – it’s a fantastic reading that you can give you guidance to reflect on and refer to for an entire season.

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