Venus in Scorpio – Transit Snapshot



Venus has moved into Scorpio – relationships in particular can reach a new level of intensity during this time (September 10-October 5). Scorpio rules the most intimate and cathartic aspects of our emotional and spiritual lives: sex and death. Venus is the planet of love, beauty and value.

Things will likely be heating up, or it may finally be time for detachment. Either way, it’s certainly a time of some Karmic lessons with Saturn in the mix by this Saturday.

If you are looking for some guidance to get you through this transit or in general, an Intuitive Reading or a Tarot Reading could be just the thing.

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I AM…Still Here.

Sometimes, life hands us roses. Sometimes, life hands us lemons, and we remember how we love lemonade. And sometimes, life hands us a shitstorm; when who we think we are is revealed to us as incredibly tenuous. What we’re left with is a gaping vacancy where the identity of “our self” once stood, and in that space we face our own truths, our “I AM”.

This winter, this was my reality. I had defined myself stoically as a full-time, single mama; a healthy young woman; an anytime intuitive life coach; a part-time employee; a great friend and lover. Within the first seven days of February, those definitions were stripped away by a series of circumstances making me seriously question my Karma. Alone, I had to relearn how to make sense of my life and find purpose. Initially, the shock of detachment from the grip-hold of what I was certain was “my self” took all emotional and physical energy. I didn’t go crazy. I let all emotions flow through me, freely. No vices to soften, no distractions to derail my focus. I might have howled at the moon. And in fact, I’m sure that was the start of healing.


It took a trip down the rabbit hole of my preconceived reality, a complete revisiting of my beliefs about responsibility, thoughts, and manifestation. Coming to terms with how I had created this in my life, had actually custom-designed the identity implosion with my behavior and toleration, my thoughts and words, was a surprisingly positive turning point. If it’s possible to break things down, completely unaware – how effortless it is then to build things up when focus is put there intentionally. Obviously, this is what the string theorists, Buddhists, and every other Hay House type on the bandwagon is trying to get across. But when you absorb this in the midst of your own personal disaster, it takes on the quality of immersion-style education.


After assuming my experience was unique and keeping myself relatively sequestered like a hermit for about the first six weeks, I got out and did some traveling. Connecting with people everywhere, I went out, both of openness and a sincere need for conversation. Turns out, this whole “my-life’s-just-gone-upside-down” thing was happening to a lot of people. Maybe, for the first time, more than ever. Or, perhaps like when a woman becomes pregnant suddenly, to her, it seems like everyone is pregnant. Either way, it’s happening, and increasingly I am aware of it – and frankly, it sucks going it alone. Having someone to share the epiphanies with, to bounce the new realities off of, it’s vital. And the openness can lead to (and hopefully it will!) new gifts and abilities for you that you want to understand. So get out there if you’re in a poop-tornado, listen actively and share readily, understand you are where you’re meant to be when you are and so is everything and everyone else there too.


If you want a reading or a coaching session with someone with the humanity, sensitivity, and humor to help you through your own process to your “I AM”, send me an email.

NEW RULES: Get outside and play. I AM. I THINK. I SPEAK. I MAKE.

Full Moon in Leo – A Time for Sharing

Tomorrow, January 26th at 8:38pm PST, the moon reaches is fullness, that big-bellied Moon will shine upon us, luminous and bright with the intensity of Leo. How I enjoy a Full Moon in Leo! All Full Moons are opposite the sign the Sun is in at the time – in this case, the Sun is in the first decanate of Aquarius. As the Moon represents our emotions, our internal processes, and instincts; and the Sun represents our essential self and the manner through which we experience our world – when these two are in opposition – it is a time for reflection on what has been happening, particularly with an eye to that New Moon period.


Leo is all about outward expression – it’s dramatic, fun, regal, loving, creative – Leo is the Sun. So, in the day before this gorgeous Full Moon (which I highly anticipate to be nothing short of a rocking good time!) – I thought I’d share with you my New Moon Intentions and briefly, some of the ways in which they’ve manifested:

  • Welcome opportunities from all sources to be of further service within my business as an Intuitive. When I set this intention, I didn’t have from my heart that I would make tons of money or grow my client-base. This, for me, meant that I would receive opportunities to develop myself personally, spiritually, and intuitively – such that when I do meet with my clients the level of healing and information they receive is even more evolved, intensified, and powerful than it has been. That has absolutely occurred. In all areas of my life, I’ve learned to address personal blocks, stories, and develop my spiritual understanding. The sessions this month with clients have, frankly, blown MY mind!
  • Welcome and seize boldly opportunities to have the lifestyle and realize my dreams. What a month! I haven’t felt bold everyday – that’s for certain. Yet, even in my timid moments, I continue to pursue my dreams by overcoming the timidity and, as a dear friend reminded me, “Fortune favors the Bold!”. Indeed. (I’ve got a massive grin across my face just thinking of this entire process and where I find myself today).
  • Keeping my heart open to love in all of its glorious forms. And here, a day before the Full Moon, despite the trials and tribulations in my life throughout this month – I have learned, and re-learned so many of the ways in which I keep my heart open wide. I am incredibly grateful for every joyous moment and every challenging moment – they’ve all brought me full circle to a place of absolute authenticity, compassion, and commitment to myself and integrity to others.
  • Any, and all assistance to heal and evolve into a more compassionate, patient, affectionate mother, friend, lover, neighbor, acquaintance. This one right here…WOW. It’s amazing to set intentions that are welcoming of opportunities, they will come. Something remarkable happens when, with humility, not judgment, we acknowledge how we want to evolve and ask for assistance in any form. I’ve received so much assistance from all sources – from neighbors, friends, family, clients, mentors, and the Divine.

Those are but a few – I share them with you because, it’s the Full Moon in Leo – I’m overjoyed and unguarded! More importantly though, I share them with you in the hopes you may understand just HOW effective and efficient setting intentions is. And aligned with the Lunar Cycle – and with awareness – welcome finally immense gratitude that you’ve received everything you asked for as you are indeed, a powerful creator!

Let me know how your experience has been – your comments and feedback really do lift me up (as well as compel me to write even more!)

So much love,


New Moon in Capricorn: January 11, 2013

lunar cycles

This New Moon cycle begins in Capricorn, always a powerful period of time to review and set intentions to do with the themes of Capricorn: leadership, ambition, tenacity, teaching, and more. This particular New Moon, however, is packed with a strong stellium (3 or more planets in conjunction) in Capricorn on this date: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto all together to bring full expression, depth of emotion, communication about, trust and love, and transformation – to our intentions for this Lunar Cycle.

As well as the heady stellium in Capricorn, Saturn (Capricorn’s planetary ruler), is at 10d of Scorpio. There is a harmonious aspect between Saturn and Pluto on this day, the planet of Karmic Lessons and the planet of Transformation/Transmutation teaching us what we need to know now in harmony. This is a tremendous opportunity for setting some intentions to evolve spiritually, psychically, or simply to become a ‘better’ human – whatever it looks like to you – evolution is the theme here – so set an intention to allow for it. Welcome the experience of “onward and upward”, in whatever form it may come.

As Capricorn is so heavily influenced by Saturn, noting the placement if your natal Saturn will give a snapshot into the theme of this Lunar Cycle in your life. Saturn was in Virgo, in my 6th House, when I was born, so I’m creating some of my intentions with a focus around commitment in service to others, time enjoyed refining goals, continuing to learn about and embrace a healthier me. There’s a great reference to Saturn in the Signs and Houses here, if you have your natal chart and want to better understand this Outer Planet’s influence in your life and this moment.

Additionally, there is a square, an aspect that creates tension, between Mars in Aquarius and Saturn in Scorpio. Mars is co-ruler to Scorpio and Aries, while Saturn is co-ruler to Capricorn and Aquarius. There will likely be a restrictive feeling in the days building up to and just passing this New Moon to our desired actions for building a better world. Try not to be dissuaded, the effects should be minimal and fleeting.

And for those of you intent on building a better self, a more utopian community, an idealistic world – hold fast! There is another harmonious and supportive aspect between Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Aries. Mars also co-rules Aries, and Uranus is the co-ruler along with Saturn, or Aquarius. Uranian energy is all about radical transformation, movement, and unexpected change. Martian energy is our will in action; and here in Aquarius, our will is to see innovation, create space for utopian ideals, and build radically new communities. I’ve got Mars in Aquarius, so I’m personally quite fond of this planetary placement.


So, there you have it, a short-and-sweet, hopefully not too densely packed with so many astrological terms to send your head into a dizzying spin you’ve lost the point, blog post about setting Intentions for this New Moon!

  • Set intentions allowing for your goals, ambitions, dreams of building a better world, self, community to come to the foreground.
  • Your intentions can always be written to be mindful of anticipated stress, delays, and setbacks – trust it is all part of the process of moving forward.
  • There is no other time like the time right now! Pluto won’t be in Capricorn for another 200 years. This New Moon is totally and completely unique. They all are.
  • If you haven’t set your New Year Intentions or “Resolutions” yet – you may have just been waiting for this day. Scrap the resolve – and build up with intent.
  • Enjoy this process!!

There are some fantastic resources/articles from astrologers all over the web. I really enjoyed this post on the New Moon by Teri Parsley Starnes for her mindfulness, depth, and ability to keep things simple and approachable. I’ll set an intention to achieve this level of astrological writing in this year.

The Power of Intentions in the New Year

Many years at this time, I’ve set out to make a list of resolutions. Resolutions never did work for me, due to the underlying belief there was something wrong with who I’d been and what I’d experienced to that point. Life needs no remedies, we experience what we need to. This year I will begin with a list of intentions. Intentions have the energy of creation within them as well as trust in a divine plan.

In 2012, at the New Moon, I began the process of setting my intentions for the Lunar Cycle. It amazed me how much I was able to manifest when clearly defining a desired outcome without attempting to prescribe the vehicle in which it occurred. We are powerful co-creators of our lives. Positive energy, gratitude, and receptivity will always bring us what we need. Negative energy, feelings of lack, and blockages will bring us that which we least desire.

Here are but a few of my 2013 Intentions:
* Learn lessons in life through joy and abundance
* Maintain integrity to myself and others
* Welcome and accept all people, relationships, opportunities that are aligned with my commitment to making a beautiful life with my child.
* Simply, trust, even more.
* Pursue my dreams with an inner harmony of optimism, fearlessness, and detachment.

I would absolutely love to hear from you what your Intentions are for this New Year. And, feel free to share here in this growing community your New Moon Intentions as well. I’ll be posting gentle reminders to aim for the stars about a week earlier with astrological notes for each New Moon in 2013.

Bonne Annee!
Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu!
Feliz Ano Nuevo!